What video strategy is right for you

Inka Traktman &  Adam Flanders

There are many types of videos and understanding the differences and purpose of each prior to starting is important. Ultimately, this is just one more piece of your entire multi-media strategy and it is important to manage and integrate it as part of your complete digital media package.

Viral Videos: the Guerilla Campaigns

Viral videos combined the concept of entertainment, branding and un-conventional marketing content that creates buzz and compelled social sharing, is at the heart of web 2.0 (using applications to forward and comment on content). This concept captures your audiences’ attention and delivers originality, curiosity and humor with substance and style. Meaningful, theme-based messages make the best viral videos.

The sense of raw, granular depiction is often part of its character. And today “viral” also includes simple video snippets that are filmed in an amateur like fashion. This style lends itself to show testimonials, products in action or characterizations telling a quick story.

Hosting viral videos can be done on your website, or elsewhere. Hosting it elsewhere makes it harder to control your brand and the context it is distributed in. Today, incorporating viral videos in your website is easy, but does require some additional talent to host them correctly. Our next blog will be about installing video on your site, so stay tuned. Viral videos also call for “repeats” and expectations are often set for more. Those can be small iterations, variations or customizations for specific purposes.

As always whether viral video is the right approach for you depends on your audience and your overall marketing goals and budget.  For some audiences viral is the right approach, for others this type of video has no place in the lead nurturing cycle.

Here are Marketing Sherpas top picks for viral videos in 2010

Use viral:

To convey a specific message for a specific, unique audience
Create humorous content that speaks to an audience and makes your brand go viral
If you can repeat the story line several more times to get momentum
To make message authentic and “real life”
To get a video on your website for to create searchable content without a large budget
Quick interviews to replace otherwise “boring” content

Corporate Videos, Training Videos and Promotional Videos: the Messaging Heavy-Weights

Overall, 62% of online video viewers enjoy videos better that are “professionally produced.”

A good corporate, training or promotional video may be used to portray your company on your website, introducing services and providing potential leads with the information they are looking for in a quick effective and well developed fashion.  Producing a sales or training video is also an effective way to educate remote or off-site associates and staff of your company, products and services or to create a productive way to repeat the same message to new hires or stakeholders.

While viral can be “gritty” and amateur like to convey authenticity, your corporate video should be reflective of the services, professionalism and manner your company wants to reflect in the market place. A good corporate or promotional video is where you don’t get distracted by errors, poor quality, lighting or audio distractions.

Corporate videos are best when they combine a variety of technical elements to keep your audience engaged. The best corporate focus on succinct message and speak to their audience. They are professional, and have good, strong images, audio and an engaging mix of media, such as photo-slideshows, interviews, customers and corporate, multiple windows, and graphic elements to achieve the best results. For best results, keep each video to a playtime of about 2-3 minutes to ensure your audiences’ attention. As a matter of fact, if you have more to say, “chunk” it up into different videos, each focused around one message. This way your audience can pick and choose what is relevant for them and you can optimize each video for its own unique message and content.  Creating a format that is visually appealing and effective in educating your audience of your subject matter is the job of the video production studio.

Web audiences for corporate, training or tradeshow videos expect well-crafted, high quality content and if any element of this promotional video, including audio and resolution, is not in-line with audience expectations, the button to move to a competitor’s site is just a click away.

Use corporate, training and promotional videos:

To engage your audience quickly and catch their attention
To provide a professional impressions
To educate and present technical details
Provide a feel for the type of company you are
Provide quick visual overviews

Animated Video: 2D, 3D & Motion Graphics, oh my!

Videos are enhanced by using video animation and graphic, they make your product and service stand out from the crowd and provide the audiences a way to very quickly understand your product and why they need it.  Animated videos are ideal to create user guides, communicate technical details, and show complex ideas quickly and effectively.

Video animation bonds your message to the audiences’ mind and prevents them from hitting the back button.  So a well-produced, concise and interesting animated videos makes viewers stick with it. It’s entertaining and easy for the viewer and often makes or breaks your audiences’ attention.

Research has shown that video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over a live presentations and it expedites buying decisions by 72% over print.

Use animated video:

To communicate complex ideas quickly
Positioning yourself and your message as progressive & high-quality
Establish trust
Differentiate yourself

This medium is particularly powerful in capturing audience during conferences, tradeshows and trainings, because of its visual attention grabbing effects. To differentiate and position yourself as top-notch, video animation and multi-media effects are a good way to make you stand out from the crowd and get your message across quickly.

View some samples of different types of video on our Portfolio under multi-media Video Portfolio page


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